Athens is pretty walkable, but if you get tired of walking, the metro costs 
€1.4 for 90 minutes. It’s fast and easy to use.  The airport fee is €10 and it takes about an hour to get there from the city center. A taxi or ride share is worth if you’re traveling with others.

The Akropolis is free for students!!! so don’t forget your student ID if you have it. Otherwise, I believe it goes up to €30
Wear shoes with good track soles since you’ll be walking on marble, which is extra slippery, especially after the rain.

The Panathenaic Stadium is the original Olympic Stadium located at Leof. Vasileos Konstantinou, Athina 116 35, Greece.
The entrance is
 €2.5, including an audioguide device. The tour can be done quite quickly and the stadium has a very interesting story. Apparently, single women used to light a fire in the cave, from where the athletes would enter the stadium, and dance naked around for the gods to provide them with a good husband. Older women would keep an eye for peeping toms.
Inside the stadium, you’ll find posters from every country’s Olympic tournaments. It’s so interesting to see each country’s take on this ancient Greek tournament.

Cable car
€5 to go up and €7.5 roundtrip. I was tired after a few days of walking so I took the cable car up and walked down. The trek is beautiful but the path is steep. Bring appropriate footwear.

You must try the “grilled halloumi cheese”. It’s even more delicious with the berry sauce on top. You can eat it with pita bread. Greece is also known for its Falafels and for the Freddo Cappuccino. If you don’t consume dairy, you can ask for a Freddo Coffee. It’s been such a struggle finding iced coffee in Europe. Everywhere I go they serve you a hot espresso along with a cup of ice unless I go to Starbucks or McDonald’s. Iced coffee in Greece is drunk more than anything else. Even in bars, most people were drinking coffee instead of beers.
If you’re looking for a homey legit Greek meal, go to 
Aspro Alogo. I loved this place so much, I ended up going two days in a row. It’s a family-owned restaurant with the friendliest environment. The food is not only delicious but the portions are also big and the owners seemed legitimately happy to see you. You will be greeted with the warmest and biggest smile as well as treated as if you were family popping in for a visit. It’s also near old town Athens. The address is Apollonos, Athina 105 57, Greece.
Another small restaurant I recommend is Kalamaki Bar. This place is a cute café near the Akropolis. This is where I first tried the grilled halloumi cheese and immediately fell in love. It’s also not far from the Akropolis. The address is Athina 117 42, Greece.

street art.jpg
Street Art

My second favorite reason for traveling, after food of course, is Street art. I personally believe this type of art says a lot about a city’s population, issues, and culture in general. Exarcheia is an amazing neighborhood filled with impressive murals and colorful cafes. I wasn’t able to check it out at night, but I was told it becomes lively with local people.

Athens can be enjoyed in 3 days. There are many flights and boats departing for the islands from Athens. I was at Mykonos and it was very beautiful and relaxing. The perfect resting vacation before the adventures in Athens.

I want to share that during this trip I…
– got sick
– had an allergic reaction to food
– got a few bruises, scrapes and bug bites
– broke my phone and
– ripped my shoes in a thunderstorm
Traveling is never easy but nothing worthwhile is. You learn the most about yourself, especially when in a new country with a completely different culture and language.
You have to always remember that everything is temporary, grudges are a waste of time, wear good traction shoes when walking on marble and Greek yogurt with honey is delicious! 💙🇬🇷


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