How to Visit Teide, Tenerife’s Largest Attraction

Tenerife is known for its microclimates and diverse vegetation as well as their biggest attraction, Teide, a volcano that you can see from almost any point on the island. A visit to Teide is in itself a day trip, or a few days trip if you are into hiking. The regional parks surrounding Teide vary in a lot in views, vegetation, hiking difficulty, weather, etc. Most viewpoints are only accessible by car since there is only one “guagua” (bus) going to the cable car on Teide. Below are detailed instructions on how to get there and what to look for.

Teide hike.jpg
Exploring Teide and its surroundings

How to get to Teide

I was at awe with all the sudden changes and beautiful landscapes.

If you’re planning on making it to the peak of the volcano, you have to reserve a permit allowing you to enter the hiking path towards the peak. You need to reserve this at least 2 months prior to your visit. You can reserve it by clicking here.

If there are no more permits available and you really want to make it to the peak, you can book a tour with a third party, FYI… it’s a bit pricey. Tours to the peak are around €60. A company I recommend, which I’ve used before in other countries is Viator.
You can also go near the peak without the permit for €27 roundtrip by taking the Cable Car. The official instructions on how to get to the cable car by car or bus from either the north or south side of the island are here.  There is only one bus around 9am getting there, and the departing bus around 4pm. As of 2019, the details are as follow:

Getting there by bus from the north side of the island: Bus Line 348  Puerto de  La Cruz – Las Cañadas del Teide ( Departing: 09:15am from Puerto de la Cruz, with a stop in La Orotava, Montaña Blanca and Teide’s cable car. The return bus leaves from the cable car at 4pm (16:00)

Getting there by bus from the south side of the island: Bus Line 342 Playa de Las Américas – Las Cañadas del Teide ( Departing at 09:15 am from Las Américas, with a stop at Los Cristianos at 9:30am. The return bus departs from the cable car at 3:30pm (15.30).

Driving up Teide is like entering the Twilight zone. First you see palm trees, then pine trees, and the closer you get to the peak, the more dessert vibes you get with so many huge rocks and succulent plants. I was at awe with all the sudden changes and beautiful landscapes. Another way of exploring Teide is by hiking the regional parks. I recommend Anaga Regional Park. There are different paths you can take with a range of difficulty, length, and views. You can inquire about the hiking paths in the Anaga information point. There’s parking for your convenience and an amazing viewpoint from the parking lot. The main road that leads to the viewpoint is the TF-12 road from La Laguna, which goes past Las Mercedes; and the TF-12 road from San Andrés, if you are coming from Santa Cruz. You can get there by private vehicle and by public transport.

Mirador in Anaga Regional Park

There are also some stargazing tours around Teide at night. A local mentioned that it’s so clear, you can even see the Milky Way during the summer. If you decide to wait for darkness and enjoy this majestic night sky with its mesh of stars, I recommend you spend the night. The streets are not properly lit and it’s quite dangerous driving down that windy road in complete darkness with opposite side traffic. There’s a quiet and small, but nice looking hotel near the cable car, Parada de Cañadas del Teide. It’s across the highway from some impressive rocky magma rocks with an amazing view. A fellow tourist mentioned how this specific area is popular because it’s the image seen in the old Spaniard bills. More specifically, the 1,000 pesetas bill.

Expect the climate to be cooler in the Regional Parks and near the peak in comparison to sea level. The higher up you go, the chillier it gets. Bring enough layers, water, snacks and a camera. Wear comfortable and warm clothes, as well as shoes with a good grip since you’ll be walking on gravel and rocks. Cellphone service is spotty up there so I recommend downloading the map in your phone so you know how to get back. However you decide to visit Teide, I hope you enjoy this majestic location at its fullest. When you’re up there breathing the fresh air and gazing upon the stunning views, remember to be leave all other busy thoughts behind and enjoy the moment. Always BE PRESENT. Follow me on Instagram @joyzcortez for updates on travel pics & tips

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